Making Time vs Finding Time

No matter how good or bad a time we are having the Earth spins ‘round and time marches on. I encourage all of you to Make Time for You in the days of your life. Be your bliss: yoga, reading, writing, throwing pots, (in ceramics class) get your body moving. Time evaporates right before our eyes, so don’t try to find it, hoping time will just show up unscheduled for the something you really want to do.  Make time for things you love, that nourish your spirit, that make you feel great to be alive and your happiness will grow as your stress level reduces.  Making Time to feed your passion promotes wellness that supports you and touches all that come in contact with you.

A Great Yoga Class is A Lot Like Life

Some things come easy, but writing even though it’s about something I love, is difficult; much harder than twisting triangle.  Some days are easy, no shoe in view ready to drop and the very next day, wham, you get hit, not with a shoe but an entire house! Yoga is a lot like life. It will make you laugh and then bring up the tears.  It will get your heart pumping and then send in some peace. It will make you tremble, and then bring you to stillness. We are different physically and emotionally everyday and so is our yoga.  This is one of the many reasons I love yoga so much.  I am cut loose from the pressure of most activities where the goal is to perform “better” than we did before.  One of the cornerstones of Vinyasa Flow Yoga is to start where you are in each day and go from there. Leaving anticipation and expectation out makes room for things to just be. A great yoga class is like a true friend accepting and celebrating on your great days and supporting and consoling on those days when life is just plain old difficult. What most of us have to work on, is wrapping our ego around the variances of our physical and mental being on each day and in each yoga class.

Breathe Feel Heal

It’s something I repeat over and over in class. If you can’t feel it, you can’t heal it. The more you breathe, the more you will feel. The more you feel, the more you can heal. Breathe Feel Heal. That’s how yoga works. The breath actually allows you to feel more deeply. Think about it…when you cry a little you just kind of whimper, breathing a little. But when you wail, we take deep breaths and feel the pain so much more deeply. Same thing when we laugh…a chuckle induces light breathing whereas a full on guffaw makes you takes deep breaths.  Same idea in yoga breathing. The breath acts as teacher and guide to what is going on with your body. Once you know, then you have an opportunity to do something about it. Next time you’re in yoga try taking long slow breaths, breathing slowly will allow your body to adjust to the stretch and you’ll be able to enjoy the ‘ooh, that feels great’ and also allow you to stay clear of crossing over into the ‘ow, that hurt.’

Student Testimonials

“Robyn’s approach to yoga and fitness is a special gift. Her fun and inspiring personal style, mixed with an incredible array of music, makes her classes unlike any other…more approachable, to more people at any level”

“love your class! Always feel physically challenged, proud, inspired, still humbled and just plain great!”

-Faith Rouse


“I’ve been attending Robyn’s Energy In Motion classes for a couple of months. I’ve noticed a significant change in my strength and balance. As a photographer, holding the camera for long periods of time is no longer an issue, PLUS my pants don’t fit. I’ve trimmed down.”



“Doing yoga gives me the satisfaction of knowing I am maintaining my physical and mental health. It keeps me feeling limber. No part of my body is neglected. I would compare the feeling I have after class to something between a post work~out endorphin high and the relaxation following a full body massage. I really appreciated the extra attention and instruction when I was first starting. I felt very encouraged and welcome even though I was a beginner”

-Michelle Buchanan


“What I love about Robyn’s class is that she has created a balance between great yoga instruction, a delightful and eclectic selection of music and words of inspiration. She always has something to say that stays with me through the day. A poem, a concept, a value or even statement made in jest about her own struggles or efforts is something that I almost always take away from Yoga with me.”

-Connie Smith


“When Robyn gets her yoga flow going there’s no other place I’d rather be (except for in Italy with my husband)”

-Alex Smith


“I love Robyn’s class because it is a blend of the physical and the spiritual. I started going for my body, but learned that it did even more for me spiritually, or maybe psychologically is the better word. I had been taking antidepressants for six years and I was never able to get completely off of them, until I committed to attending Robyn’s class three to four times weekly. Now I attend probably even more for what her class does for my head than for what it does for my body, though that part is critical too.”


“Robyn’s dedication to yoga and fitness is truly inspirational and uniquely satisfying” “I love Robyn’s classes. I’ve grown spiritually and physically.”

-Eunjoo Pacifici