Yoga SRQ, Sarasota’s Vinyasa Flow/Power Yoga Studio is located at 5900 S. Tamiami Trail. The new studio is considerably larger and we’ve splurged on a super luxurious ‘Zebra Brand’ yoga floor, that you are going to adore!

There are a lot of workouts that will get your heart rate up, but how many will put your heart in the right place?



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Choose a fitness routine you will stick with.  When choosing a fitness routine, select one with sustainability in mind. Approach every day's fitness depending on your mood and energy.

Choose a routine, thinking "how long can I keep this up?" Unless you're into something for the long haul, it won't matter in the end. You'll have a bell curve on your hands.

Pick activities that are doable, modifiable and most importantly, that you like. Think of it as dipping into a well, bringing up just enough to sustain you for the day. Biting off more than we can chew can be injurious both physically and mentally.

Be flexible: take "have to" out of the equation. Dipping into the well everyday in sustainable ways will bring you a healthy mind along with the feeling of satisfaction in reaching a reasonable goal. — Robyn Marin, Yoga SRQ Owner

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You are a brand new person today, open minded, curious, looking to feel more at home in your body, more at peace with your thoughts.

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